Patrons of Honour

Patrons of honour are those physical or legal people who are creditors of this award and recognised by the Board of Patrons. The Patrons of Honour were proposed by at least three other patrons and with a previous solicitation motivated by the Board in which their merits, collaborations and patronages to the Foundation are acknowledged by the Board of Patrons.

Presidents of Honour

Patrons of Honour

Mr. Vicente Álvarez Areces (+)
Mrs. Paz Fernández Felgueroso
Mrs. Carmen Moriyón Entrialgo
Mrs. Ana González Rodríguez

Mr. Martín Glez. del Valle Herrero (+)
Mr. Sabino Fernández Campo (+)
Mr. Francisco Álvarez-Cascos
Mr. José Cosmen Adelaida (+)
Mr. Roberto Paraja Álvarez (+)
Mr. Luis Adaro Ruiz-Falcó (+)

Mr. José Antonio Hevia Corte
Mr. José Ramón Álvarez-Rendueles
I.E.S. Real Instituto de Jovellanos
Mr. Juan Antonio Pérez Simón
Mr. José Fernando Sanchez-Junco Mans

Mr. Antonio Valdés y González-Roldán (+)
Caja Rural de Asturias
Ateneo Jovellanos de Gijón
Ateneo Obrero de Gijón
Fundación Cajastur Liberbank


The Board is the organ of administration which directly correspond, by delegation of the Board of Patrons, to the government, the direction and the administration of the Foundation, as well as its representation in front of every sorts of people, institutions or entities, both public and private.

The Board is constituted by a number of patrons no less than five and no more than eleven. There is a President at the front and, in addition, a Vice-president, a Secretary, a Treasurer and up to six Members that are designated by the President. These six Members had to be among the patrons of the Foundation and they can revoke.

The current Board is composed by the next patrons:


Mr. Ignacio García-Arango Cienfuegos-Jovellanos


Mr. Avelino Acero Díaz


Mr. Orlando Moratinos Otero

Secretary (not patrono)

Mr. Rafael Antuña Egocheaga

Vicesecretary (not patrono)

Ms. Patricia García Rodríguez


Ms. María José Álvarez Faedo
Mr. Domingo Cienfuegos-Jovellanos Caramés
Mrs. Mª Leticia Cienfuegos Margallo
Mr. Jacobo Cosmen Menéndez-Castañedo
Mr. Roberto Paraja Tuero
Ms. Lioba Simon Schuhmacher
Mr. Pablo Vázquez Otero