Fragment of Jovellanos’s portrait, painted by Francisco de Goya. Prado
National Museum, Madrid, Spain.

It is fair to admit that, until recently, there was not an updated online biography of Jovellanos. What a better place to publish it but our Foundation Webpage, for those who visit us and wish to learn about the most significant details of the life experience of such an illustrious character to be

Professor Caso always wanted to combine both the scientific and the informative fields; combine the studies aimed at scientific specialisation with more popular studies that could facilitate the access to the most representative texts by Jovellanos and to his character.

Caso’s daughter, María Teresa Caso Machicado, has written this biography, in Spanish, using texts by the Jovellanist. Thus, the Jovellanos Forum Foundation aims to let citizens know about the personality of one of the richest and most emblematic characters in the 18th century in Spain.

This way, Jovellanos would no longer be the most researched but least read author. Both aspects would be in intimate relationship and connection. This is the aim and the purpose of the Jovellanos Forum Foundation of the Principality of Asturias.

The Jovellanos Forum Foundation of the Principality of Asturias provides the webpage user with a brief Biography of Jovellanos, written by him who was the first president of the Jovellanos Forum and the Chancellor of the University of Oviedo, José Miguel Caso González, whose text has been supervised by his daughter, Dr María Teresa Caso Machicado, who has granted her timely permission and to whom, once again, we reiterate our gratitude.

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