Information regarding the Jovellanist Bibliography usage

All the historic studies carry with them a prior consultation of its own bibliography. This difficult task is very mitigated if it involves a published study, and such is the case. The Jovellanos Forum Foundation of the Principality of Asturias has a wide Jovellanist Bibliography (1998), which is available to the scientific and researching community. This bibliography was initiated by two scholars who were very attached to this Foundation, Orlando Moratinos and Vicente Cueto, who selflessly made it available as an electronic resource for Jovellanists, allowing the immediate and universal access to the information that is necessary to know Jovellanos, his work and life, as well as the the period he lived in.

The bibliography starts with the registers that the Jovellanist Bibliography (1998), itself contains. Then, yearly, Orlando Moratinos Otero keeps on updating it with new sections that are included in the different sections of each one of the volumes of Boletín Jovellanista (1999 – 2005), then in  Cuadernos de Investigación (2007-2013) and, currently, in Cuadernos Jovellanistas. De la Ilustración a la Modernidad (2014 to nowdays) that can be found in this very page, in the section of Publications, for every person that may be interested.

In the Jovellanist Bibliography there are all Jovellanos’ works included, monographs, journalistic articles, specialised magazines, periodic publications, online articles and encyclopaedic articles.

They are presented in separate PDF files that can be downloaded on the links. Inside each file, whether it is in Jovellanist Bibliography or in one of the Appendixes, a register can easily be found with the search option offered by the Acrobat ® application.