Collaboration Agreements

Collaboration Agreements

The Jovellanos Forum Foundation of the Principality of Asturias appears, in the cultural environment of our region, as an institution that, even though it was created not a long time ago, has already a recognised prestige. Not only in Gijón, where the head office of the Foundation is, but also in the regional framework and, why not to say, its activities echoes in national and international environments.

Jovellanos, his life, work and the environment he had to live in, are the objectives represented in the Statutes of this Foundation for the activities that the Foundation has to develop. The life, work and environment of this Enlightenment character from Gijón have an importance that goes beyond the local and regional frameworks. Here lays the great interest that the life and work of Jovellanos have always stimulated. Considered the most significant figure from the Spanish 18th century, he correctly diagnosed the endemic problems of Gijón and Asturias. At the same time, he tried to look for appropriate ways to fix them. That is the reason why the writings that are preserved, in many of their appreciations, are so contemporary that they currently have the same value that they had when they were written.

Here may lay the favourable acceptance and the impact that they have in the communication media of activities developed by the Jovellanos Forum Foundation. The library-newspaper archive are the best book of acts of informative nature and research that the Foundation develops.

Even though the informative activities are important in the Jovellanos calendar of the Foundation, he also provided in his young years a non-insignificant editorial activity. More than thirty publications, with the category of book, are a substantive contribution to best know the life, work and environment of Jovellanos. An activity that is possible due to the favourable acceptance that the editorial projects of the Foundation have in the business and institutional worlds.

All this is a sign of cultural and research activities carried out seriously and strictly by:

Therefore, the existence of collaboration agreements with these institutions are of high interest for the Jovellanos Forum Foundation, since it ease up the promotion of activities both informative and university-extension educational regarding the aims given by the Statutes.